Artistic conception——Chinese 2014 Dubai Art Exhibition

Chinese and Arabia countries have brilliant civilization.China has a long history of friendly exchanges,integration and interaction between the two civilization construction of the Great Silk Road,leaving precious cultural heritage for mankind.The friendly exchanges between the long-term makes Chinese and Arabia these two splendid civilization add radiance and beautly to each other,complement each other,and also laid a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

With the rapid development of bilateral political,economic cooperation,cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent.Cultural exchange and cooperation Chinese culture ministry attaches great importance to the friendly Arabia state.Both sides made positive to send a delegation to attend the International Arts Festival in each other's country,rich and colorful cultural activities,enhance the China people and the people of the United Arab Emirates in mutual exchange and understanding of different cultural.Should the UAE Ministry of culture of Dubai and the Dubai Arts Centre's invitation,the artistic conception Chinese Artists Alliance artist chen Qingshui,Wu Yanwen,Qin Jiaojiao,Shen Wenlin,take Li Zenghui,Hong Yulan 6 Chinese famous painter is scheduled for June 22,2014 to 26,went to the Dubai Art Center held the "artistic conception China 2014 Dubai art exhibition "."Artistic Conception Chinese 2014 Dubai Art Exhibition" is a high level of China art exhibition,some of the artists use art language to explain different meditations and Reflections on society and life, and the world. Their works show in the current context of culture China. The contemporary artists and cultural context and independent spirit.The academic meaning and value to the collection with high.

The Ministry of culture of Dubai,Dubai Art Center has attached great importance to the exhibition,the exhibition period,the participating artists will be the exchange forum and the Ministry of culture of culture of Dubai,attended the forum will be the director of the Dubai Ministry of culture,the chairman of the Dubai Cultural Association and representatives of local artists.


Dubai Art Center (DUCTAC)


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